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Sexual Health

Pharmacy SaverSexual Health
ContraceptivesWe carry all the top-brand Condoms from the makers you know and trust including Durax, mates and Skins.
Fertility Aids & Ovulation TestsWe have a range of fertility and ovulation tests for home use so that you can pinpoint your most fertile days and attempt to conceive on those days.
LubricantsWe carry all the top-brand Lubricants from the makers you know and trust including KY Jelly and Durex
Pregnancy TestsIf you have been trying for a while, or missed a period randomly then we also have a range of pregnancy testing products from brands such as Clearblue and First response,so you can know for sure whether you are expecting or not
Sexual Massagers and Massage GelsHere at Pharmacy Saver we have an range of sex toys ranging from vibrators to massagers.

When considering sexual health, both contraception and protection are important. Shop from a huge selection of condoms, lubricants, sexual massagers , fertility aids to pregnancy and ovulation tests

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