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Home Medication Pack

Our FREE Home Medication Pack Service is designed to help you remember to take your medication.




  • Prepared in easy to use packs.

  • You are less likely to miss a dose.

  • Organised medicines saves you time.

  • We can fully manage your prescriptions from ordering at the GPs surgery , collection , dispensing and delivery in easy to use packs.




How it works:


  1. Register on our site, and tick the box that states: I would like to register for the home medication pack service or contact us for registration.

  2. We will contact you and discuss your requirements.

  3. We can keep your repeat slip for you and will prompt you when your medication is next due or if you choose to order directly from the GP just let us know.

  4. We will contact and collect your prescription from your GP, organise your medicines in a easy to use home medication pack and have it delivered to you at a suitable time.
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